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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have cakes ready for pick up today?

We make all our cakes to order so only very occasionally do we have spare cakes ready to go. We offer a beautiful selection of cupcakes daily which make a great last minute alternative to a full size cake. Sometimes we do sell out though so we recommend calling ahead. 

How far in advance do I need to order my cake?

We recommend at least 5 days notice but the longer the better. Our official cut-off for cake orders is 10am three days prior to collection (e.g. 10am Weds for a cake being collected on Saturday) however we do sometimes reach capacity, particularly on Fridays and Saturdays, if this is the case we will contact you and refund your order.

Wedding Cakes - we need ideally 4-12 months notice. Popular dates (February/March) can book out very quickly so please get in touch as soon as you have booked your venue. 

How do I store my cake?

If you aren’t serving your cake the same day that you collect it you will need to store your cake in a fridge overnight but ALWAYS remember to take your cake out of the fridge at least 3hrs before you plan on eating it so that it can come to room temperature. Cake eaten straight from the fridge can seem dry or hard but, if left to come to room temp it will be perfect!

I can’t find what I want online, can you make a custom cake?

Yes, we can! We love to make custom cakes. Just email us the details (date required and number of guests), along with an image of what you are wanting to or pop into the store. We only work with buttercream, not fondant so are unable to make heavily themed or novelty cakes. 

What time can I collect my cake?

We are open Tuesday - Sunday 8:30am - 2pm. You can collect your cake at anytime during opening hours unless you’ve arranged another time with us. 

Do you offer delivery?

We only offer local delivery Tues - Fri on cupcakes and other small items that are safe for transport. We don’t offer delivery of cakes at this time (excluding weddings cakes). If you’d like to enquire about having an item delivered please email us with the item you’d like delivered, the delivery address and date to For last minute orders we can offer same day delivery just give us a call!

What do I do if there’s an issue with my cake?

Please tell us as soon as you possibly can. We’ll always do our best to provide a solution, but we can’t help unless you tell us!

Do you offer Gluten Friendly (GF) items? 

Yes we do. Most of our cakes are able to be made gluten friendly (aka GF) excluding our Cookies & Cream cake - just choose the GF option when ordering. Some decorations may differ but you'll still get the same great taste! We also stock a great selection of GF sweets in-store and are famous for our GF cheese scones. 

Do you offer Vegan, Dairy Free and Eggless cakes?

Yes we sure do. Our vegan chocolate cake is pretty epic! We also offer other flavours. Contact us and we’ll provide more information.

Do you offer Keto items or no-sugar/low-sugar cakes?

No we don’t sorry. We are old fashion cake lovers who work with all the delicious delightful things that make cake taste amazing like sugar, butter, flour, chocolate and eggs.

Do you make everything from scratch?

Yes we do! Everything we make is made from scratch with real ingredients. We are proud of our recipes and the quality of our ingredients. We use New Zealand butter, organic NZ milk, Whittakers Chocolate, free range eggs and try to source as much locally as we can. From our salted caramel to our French macarons - everything is made by us. 

Where do you do all your baking?

On-site in our teeny kitchen at 10 Salisbury Avenue, Mount Maunganui. The small size of our kitchen means that there is a limit to how many cakes we can create in any one day - that’s why we recommend booking at least a week in advance.

Do you offer High Tea?

Not regularly sorry (only on Mother’s Day). We would LOVE to offer High Tea every weekend but our cafe and kitchen are too small. We do have a lovely selection of teas and sweets though so you can come in anytime for a special treat.

Do you offer catering?

Yes we do offer catering but only using the items we already bake in house for the cafe (sweet items and our famous cheese scones). If you’d like us to provide catering please fill out our contact form. 

Will you share your cheese scone recipe? 

Sorry but this one is a trade secret! Some recipes we are happy to share and others we are a little more protective over. We’re always happy to share baking tips though!

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